Work In Progress / 23 June 2021

Gravity Falls: Ink Outlines

It's been a crazy year so this project got put on the bench! But now I'm slowly carving out some free time to start working on this again!

Hopefully most notably you can see I've had a bit of a lighting update. My goal is to focus on the nighttime feel first. It has the minimum amount of assets to focus on and will give me a good practice start for mood and atmosphere in lighting. 

Here's the two refs to start with. It'll be a bit of a hybrid between the two rooms!

Secondly I experimented with some thick outlines! I'm not a shader pro nor do I have one on hand. But a handy trick I've seen a few people use is duplicating the mesh and then reversing the faces followed by applying a black material.  It does the job for the main outlines but I will still have to add some hand drawn elements to the textures! That's fine though, I can handle that :)

As you can see this is all very blockout still as I am experimenting :) But I am looking forward to getting some assets textured over the next few days now I know this works in theory!