Work In Progress / 18 December 2019

Search for a Star: The Architecture

You can keep track of my progress and see the full artbible over on Trello!

I'm ready to start production and immediately I realise a massive error! I've not been careful with my scaling. Pulling a content browser bi-ped into my maya scene as a scale reference shows that I have blocked out this structured about 2-3 times bigger than it needs to be! 


Re-sizing this so that the door height is now at 230cm. This is a little taller than average door spaces but I felt like it was a little cramped so boosted this by about 10cm which helps aid the impression of a grand structure without being too over the top!

The adjusted scale to a more sensible size!

This change effectively makes my environment scale around 10m2 which is a nice smaller space to work within. Although my vista will still reach around the 20m2 area. 

Scale figured out now to the building itself. I watched Polygon Academy tutorial ages ago for trim sheets and have been itching to actually use this technique. As this is such a large piece I will definitely need to use trim sheets and I'm trying to think about how to use modularity to build the pieces. Being a sphere is proving a bit troublesome!

I know I will need at least the following:

  • Base Wall - Trim sheet 
  • Pillars - Unique 
  • Door - Unique
  • Lower Window/Walls with frames - Trim Sheet
  • Roof Window with frame - Trim Sheet
  • Roof Topper - Trim Sheet

Based on this, I believe my trim sheet will need to include: 

  • Limestone Wall/Brick
  • Metal
  • Glass? - Most likely Unreal Shader
  • Decorative Metal Pattern
  • Decorative Stone Pattern
I've begun with the basics, getting the basic large shapes done and beginning on the iron framework.  
A look at all the final separate pieces I used to make up the shape.
I spent as much time as I could building up the skeleton of the conservatory. The pieces that are closer to the ground I used more polygons to get a smooth round shape and then was a bit more conservative the higher I went up the dome. Creating separate pieces like this and making a centre pivot means I can go in and adjust things easily if I need to. Then I just duplicate it around the circle without too much hassle.
Once it's UV'd I'll merge it all together and import it into unreal.

The pieces all assembled come to just over 11k polys.

I've deliberately made the window panes as planes and hope to use an unreal shader to get some interesting glass and condensation effect. In relation to my reference I thought something still didn't look quite right. Thats when I realised I didn't have enough beam supports. Duplicating what I had I made a mesh that looked closer to the source. 

My poly count has now jumped up to about 16k. It's also hard for me to tell whether I like this version better or the older one. I quite like the openness of the previous version, however this one is more accurate. I think it will be hard to tell which is best until it's in game and has a glass material in place. However with this version in place it will be easier to implement the delicate domed pattern in the metal work along the base window. 

For now I just need to figure out how to make the door panel and apply one big floor piece!