Work In Progress / 07 December 2019

Search for a Star: Research and Set up

Having attended a few talks now from Aardvark Swift and Grads in Games I thought it about time to try and enter their competition Search for a Star for undergrads wanting to get into games. 

I'v set up a public trello where you can view my progress and how I am keeping track of my work load: Trello Board

The jist of what I want to achieve, including a murky pond and a statue of Persephone reaching out to the chair and table.

I’ve pretty much settled on the environment theme of a conservatory. It’s a little ambitious (by little I really mean very!) but I think it will be a really good opportunity for me to stretch all these muscles I’ve developed whilst studying and at the same time challenge me further. As usual I've worked in ways to cut back on things to hit the deadline and time frame.

The theme is loosely inspired by the conservatory in Casa Loma, Toronto. I really want to see what I can do with my architectural modularity skills, sculpting via a hero asset statue as well as practice my lighting.  

You can see the full art bible on my trello, I’ve researched what I want to try and achieve plus some stretch goals to look into developing the scene further after the competition. I even found a similar environment in game with Red Dead Redemption 2! An ambitious benchmark! Why not!

A really crude blockout to help me get started and figure out what assets I might be overlooking. 

Not to mention the super crude lighting pass...

I found it easier to do a block out mesh of the conservatory itself in Maya, of course this means I lack in proper UVs at this very early stage for nice lighting passes! The limitations are 30m2, I definitely don't need all this space and so what you see before you is about 20m2 to leave a little space for a vista.

I'm still attending classes at the moment so a lot of my evenings have just been spent researching. However now that the Christmas break is creeping up I'm hoping to get into full production soon. I'll be starting with the architectural piece and begin chipping away at this next week. Fingers crossed I’ll get to finish!