Dutch Meet Mat

Hannah clark reddeadposter small

Final post layout. Using promotional images found from around the web used for Red Dead Redemption 2 - I do not claim ownership of these!

Dutch Meetmat 3d viewer

Hannah clark dutchrender001
Hannah clark dutchrender002
Hannah clark dutchrender004

There was a mini casual competition hosted at school to texture a meetmat in substance to the theme of Red Dead Redemption 2 and mock up a poster to celebrate it's release! It was a great experiment and helped me get used to the software and I had loads of fun doing this one! I had not played much of the game at this point and did careful research to avoid spoilers to try and get something that is inspired by Dutch Van Der Linde. The face is inspired by the first train you rob in game and the ornate details on Dutch's gun.
Most are default substance textures and brushes, but I made the mud from a Get Learnt youtube tutorial in designer, my first designer material!
I do not claim any ownership of the promotional material used.

December 4, 2018