Game Health Pack - Medicine Pouch

Hannah clark artboardfinal scene

Final game play with medicine pouch in Unreal 4.

Hannah clark artboardfinal concepts

Original concept and scene mock up. We were provided with an empty rustic hut scene which we were encouraged to paint over to embelish the scene and set the tone.

Hannah clark artboardwireframe uv

Final wireframe and UV map.

Hannah clark artboardmaps

Maps used showing glowing Gem and ember emissions.

Hannah clark artboardextra meshes

Extra assets created and texture for the final scene.

Hannah clark artboardfinal model

Particle and Lighting on final item.

A university project to create a low poly health pack for a mobile game using the unreal engine.
We were to pick between a rustic or sci-fi background provided and create a health pack to that theme. I chose the rustic hut and added extra items to embellish the scene. Using Maya for modelling, photoshop for texturing with Quixel Suite and finally importing all into Unreal 4.