Troll Diorama

Hannah clark highresscreenshot00085

Responsible for modelling, texturing, lighting and particle effects all through the scene.

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Hannah clark story

The following images are of my art bible for this project. Starting off with setting up something that tells a story to motivate the scene.

Hannah clark initial sketches

I followed this by some sketches exploring compositions for the diorama

Hannah clark colour palette

Taking inspiration from other artists, film and games as well as on sight research.

Hannah clark lighting
Hannah clark references

Some of my own reference material taken on sight at Pains Hill park in the UK

Hannah clark props
Hannah clark hero assets

Looking at inspiration and bodyshape for the troll which I wanted to make as believable as possible.

Hannah clark blockout

Rough concept and block out

Hannah clark photobash concept

Paint over of block out to use as a guide.

Hannah clark paintover
Hannah clark highresscreenshot00085

Final scene

A work in progress of a Diorama scene in unreal for uni. We have had 6 weeks to create this project using as much as our own references as possible. I did everything I could to make the majority of textures and materials used from scratch. Still so much to learn and fix up but happy with the results so far.
You can see detailed progress of this project in my blog. The idea was to keep it small and contained and I created an art bible to go along with this to break down the source for my idea. We had a slight extension to this project so I'm going to be using my extra days to try and re-build the ruins in z brush as this is what I am least happy with at the moment.

December 6, 2018