Under Bed

"In the dense gloom within I could distinctly feel that a woman was lying on her face on the carpet below the bed--clasping and tearing her long disheveled hair with desperate fingers. Blood was trickling down her fair brow, and she was now laughing a hard, harsh, mirthless laugh, now bursting into violent wringing sobs, now rending her bodice and striking at her bare bosom, as the wind roared in through the open window, and the rain poured in torrents and soaked her through and through." - The Hungry Stones by Rabindranath Tagore

Practice illustration for personal fun.

Hannah clark bed6

Final Illustration

Hannah clark bed1

Pencil Sketch

Hannah clark bed2

Greyscales to plot lighting.

Hannah clark bed3

Rough colour ploting

Hannah clark bed4

starting to build up detail.

Hannah clark bed5v2

testing illustration both ways before final details.