Work In Progress / 22 July 2020

Gravity Falls: Bedroom Block Out

After finishing college and a short break it's time to get back into  a fun personal project! Most of my portfolio currently sports a lot of realism but my background is from cartooning and illustration, therefore I really want to experiment with a stylised environment!

I've decided to pick a pre-existing scene and what better than Dipper and Mabel's bedroom from Gravity Falls! I know it will be challenge but as a starting point this is great, especially for lighting! Throughout the show there is dramatic atmosphere and lighting changes which will be a great excuse for me to practice this skill set. Below you can see some examples of this from the show.



To start with I will be focusing on this view point and lighting. Keep it simple. You may also notice there are some inconsistencies across the images in regards to what props look like. I will be doing my best to give the general overall feeling which might be deviating from one image to go more with the others.

The aim for this project is to re-create this scene and then mimic the lighting examples found above. Even though this is more of a showcase portfolio piece I do want to stick to game ready assets as much as possible as well! 

Starting with a blockout in Unreal, using the tools in the engine to create basic shapes of key set pieces. This was more of a proof of concept, could this be modelled and still look similar to the source? So far it seems completely plausible! Hopefully the texturing will bring it all together. There is also a simple lighting pass just to get me started. 

When I began making meshes for the walls, beams and floor in Maya I started to encounter a lighting error in Unreal. Whenever I imported my new meshes into the scene they would read completely black. 

Testing a lot of things to see what the heck was happening, including making sure I was using the right light map channel, light map density, scrapping the lights and rebuilding, even remaking the meshes and other wizardry tricks that was troubleshooted with lighting friend Willow.... I copy and pasted the scene into a new level....and it worked fine... even the original level... Yay! Technology! I'm still not sure what the problem was other than "it's busted".
After a few more days of fiddling about I think it might of had something to do with the blockout meshes still casting shadows despite them being hidden. I went through and switched shadows off on all the blockout meshes and now it seems ok again. I will be deleting them when i get further along in the scene.